School Council

2019 School Council

If you have any enquires regarding School Council activities, or any views or ideas which you would like School Council to consider, contact
Slobodanka or Janet

Janet Paterson

Principal, Executive Officer

Slobodanka Stojkovic


Mark Smith

Assistant Principal

Sue Norton

Curriculum Leader

Robyn Brock

Grade 1 Teacher &
Junior School Co-ordinator 

Tim Cunneen

Grade 5 Teacher

Glen Stokes

Parent Rep

Tania Giarratana

Parent Rep

Kate Wood

Parent Rep

Sara Reid

Parent Rep

Emily Potter

Parent Rep

Tony Fong

Parent Rep

Renee Patten

Parent Rep

Dates for School Council meetings for 2019

 Date of meeting Items to be forwarded to the council by:
August 5th
September 9th
October 28th
December 9th
August 1st
September 5th
October 24th
December 5th

Recommended pathway to contact School Council:
  1. Please have a look at the table in the 2019 School Council Document – if your concern/proposal is within the School Council responsibility, please follow step 2. If you are unsure where it falls, please email the School Council President ( ) to seek further clarification.
  2. If your matter falls within the Council responsibilities, please send an email to the Council President and the Principal (see above for emails). NOTE: For a matter to be presented at the Council, it has to reach the president by Thursday, a week prior to the School Council meeting. For dates of the meetings and deadlines, please see the dates at the start of this document. If the email is received after that date, the matter will be presented at the following Council meeting. If the item does not fall within the parameters of School Council you will be notified.
  3. If you wish to be present at the School Council meeting, please be aware that there are School Council Standing Orders that are followed at each of the meetings. You will be provided with these orders prior to the meeting .
  4. If your matter does not fall within School Council responsibility and you still have a concern, we would advise that you contact principal Janet Paterson for further clarification.