Grade Prep celebrate 100 Days of School
Grade Prep celebrate being 100 days smarter!

Since the beginning of the year, each day as a part of our morning routine we have been counting towards our 100 days of school celebration. We would giggle in anticipation about the day that felt like it would never come and for our Prep’s, it seemed like the number 100 was completely out of reach. But finally it came – suddenly our hair turned grey and we turned 100 days SMARTER!

Our celebration was themed as we all dressed up as though we had just turned 100 years old! We began the day with a parade dancing around, showing off our costumes and embracing our many days of knowledge. We made little old people as a part of our craft and wrote about all the things we would do if we were 100 years old (like helping our grandchildren learn their magic words). We worked in teams to create a paper chain of 100, and played maths games all revolving around our new favourite number.

The afternoon was our favourite part as the cohort got together for a giant party with plenty of food, dancing and lots of laughter. We had a giant cake made from 100 cupcakes and as we counted to 100, blew out the candles and gave our students their certificates, we reflected on everything we have learnt this year and all of our wonderful achievements in Prep.

The Prep teachers could not be more proud of their students and how far they have come from day 1 to day 100 as they come to school each day with a big smile on their face ready to learn. We congratulate all of the Prep students, and we are excited to continue our learning journey and start counting from 100 and beyond!!!

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